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The 5 best ways to stay healthy and fit when isolating!

1. Control how much you are eating!

The most common mistake people are making is to continue eating the same quantity as they were before. Unfortunately, when becoming more sedentary means that to ensure weight is not gained, calories need to match your energy output. The best way to control this and gather information on how many calories you are consuming each day is to use an app / website called It is an easy and free to use app (that does have a premium option). Simply scan bar codes or weigh and add in food types that you eat. Once getting to grips with this application I would suggest to weigh yourself at the beginning of the week, track your calories intake for 7 days and weigh yourself at the end. If there is an increase in your body weight then you know the average daily calorie consumption is in surplus, if your weight maintains then you know you are eating enough to maintain and your weight it dropping then you know you are in a calorie deficit.

2. Increase physical activity to overcome the larger portion of your day that is now more sedentary.

You may not realise it but all the small movements you were making on a day to day basis add up to a significant amount of calorie expenditure. Walking to the loo, walking to your printer, meeting your boss and the such like all add up to a daily consumption of calories that you are now not consuming. Having the luxury of not having to travel to work means you have some extra time in your day no?! Use this time to do some exercise, whether it be cycling, jogging, waking or whatever takes your fancy. Do not fall into the trap of thinking that its great that you can start earlier and finish earlier to then sit on the sofa and do nothing! Utilise this spare time wisely.

3. Chose the right type of physical activity!

I know in the previous tip I mentioned a few different types of exercise, but how you carry them out is important. Having a balance of cardiovascular and strength training is important don't forget. When figuring out what type of exercise to start, make sure you consider what is most appropriate and beneficial for you. Do not just copy your neighbour who has been cycling for years and goes out hours at a time. To not feel like you are aimlessly approaching the subject of physical activity, have a look at carrying out a few baseline tests. This is not only important as knowing where you start and how much you have improve gives you feedback to what you are doing and if it is effective, but it also gives you motivation!

Have a look at to see the various fitness testing methods and how to complete them. For strength training ensure you are including a minimum of 5 exercises which stimulate the 1. Chest - pectorals. 2. Side of the back - latissimus dorsi. 3. Middle of the back - rhomboids, 4. shoulders - deltoids, 5. Whole of legs - quadriceps, hamstrings, calfs, gluteals etc. If you would like to find out more on how to stimulate these muscle groups then contact me to find out about mobile personal training / home personal training / virtual personal training via

4. Get outside!

Seeing as pretty much everyone is vitamin D deficient in this country, now you have alocated yourself more time at the beginning or and at the end of each working day, get outside and go for a walk. Not only getting in that lusted after. vitamin D, walking and generally keeping active has long and short term effects. It is a great way to reflect on what is going on in your life and unwind the thoughts in your head. In regards to mental health it can reduce your chance of becoming depressed by 30%. For more info check out

5. Last but not least, Do not obsess! Enjoy the little things.

Obsessing about trying to get everything done at once is going to demotivate and cause stress. In these uncertain times its nice to sometimes do nothing and enjoy the little things. Yes physical health is important but equally mental health is also. Learning a new skill that you have always wanted to have a go at but never had the time to try. If you have ever thought about learning a new language....? Taking time to yourself and not worrying about things out of your control is a good skill set you can develop and take forward when entering back into the working world. Even taking a hiatus from training physically can be good as it helps to reset and re-motivate you to begin again with vigour!

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