Lifelong Wellbeing - Specialist  provider of Home Personal Training and Older Adults Health and Fitness.

About me

So, a little about me.  I was born in October 1990 making me 27 years old.  I am originally from Royston, a small town in Hertfordshire.

I previously qualified as a level 2 Gym Instructor from the age of 17 and worked in a local leisure centre at the same time as earning and working as a Lifeguard + gym instructor.

 I studied at University College Birmingham which is accredited by the University of Birmingham which is where my Sports Management BA (Hons) degree is from.  After completing my degree I wanted to take on a more hands on approach with the health and fitness industry so carried out my level 3 Personal Training qualification.  Since then I have worked in a national chain Birmingham gym, totalling 11+ years’ experience in the health and fitness industry.  I have worked alongside many clients over the years who have had a wide variety of goals from increasing general overall health and wellbeing, flexibility, strength, fitness, mobility and many more.

In 2017 I gained my qualification in ‘Exercise For Older Adults’ with a company called HFE, I found the course very interesting and the knowledge applicable to all ages. It opened my eyes to the ageing process, complications and truly how much of a positive difference exercise can make to a wide variety of elements in the human body.

I have always had a passion for helping others achieve their goals no matter what they are.  Having a more friendly approach with my clients has enabled me to help many people feel comfortable in giving it there all and achieving their goals.  It is now time for the next step in my career by offering my services to you in a place where you feel comfortable without the hassle of gym memberships, travel time and intimidation.

Throughout my career I have felt like there is a huge gap in the market for exercise sessions designed specifically for older adults and personal training sessions brought to you.

As we continue to live longer it has never been more important to make sure we are able to live our  lives to the fullest and maintain our health and fitness.

Having spent many years in the gym I can appreciate that this sort of environment can be very intimidating and also rarely caters for older adults whom make up 18% of our population and who are in fact the age group who can benefit the most from participating in regular exercise.

For this very reason I have set up my own company Lifelong Wellbeing which caters specifically in Health and Fitness for older adults (55+) and Home Personal Training. I firmly believe that the benefits of exercise for any age group and especially in the 55+ category are underestimated. Personalised and individualised sessions can help everybody lead independent and active lifestyles for a longer, healthier and happier life.

Lifelong Wellbeing aims to help you monitor and improve your health by completing a simple functional assessment and or a lifestyle questionnaire depending on whats necessary,  followed by a health assessment, and then, based on the results designing specific exercise programmes  and setting individual goals.