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Exercise sessions (Group and individual)

It may seem like a daunting idea at first to get involved in exercise for many different reasons varying from "i'm not fit enough" to "its just not for me an it will be too dangerous for me".  Or you may be very excited at the idea from the get go.  Where ever you may fall into with your self expectations it is always worth giving it ago!

Whether you are looking to take part in a group exercise with some of your local friends or to take a more personal approach, there is no bad choice.  Each and every session are carefully designed to cater for range of abilities from very unfit to the elite category.  With friendly and specially trained staff on hand you will always feel comfortable and wont be put out of your comfort zone.  

The group exercise session can cater for up to 20 people in size.  The session will be designed to meet the needs of you and your friends, we create exercise sessions that can be entirely seat based, seat and standing or standing completely the whole time depending on you.  It will be carried out in an agreed upon communal area at your residence. The session is an hour long compiling of an introduction, warm up, main component and cool down with some stretches.  The equipment used will be yourself (suitably dressed), chairs and resistance bands provided by Lifelong Wellbeing.  The benefits of taking part in this class are a steady increase in fitness, increased range of movements for all your muscles and joints, better balance and co-ordination and much more. (listed below)


Health assessments

Keeping an eye on what is going on in and outside of your body is very important. Finding out information through battery of non invasive tests gives us the information we need, to help you!  The information gathered gives us that extra detail that we need to be able to improve your health and fitness, for example by prescribing certain exercises, movements to practice, stretches to carry out or even suggestions on a few dietary tweaks . The main tests that are included are as follows

  • Lifestyle questionnaire 

  • Blood glucose  (signs of diabetes)

  • Blood cholesterol (signs of cardiovascular disease)

  • Blood pressure 

  • Bodily measurements

  • BMI

  • Height 

  • Weight

  • Body fat % test

Once the tests have been completed, the results will be talked through there and then with and you will also receive a copy of your results too.  This product goes hand in hand with the exercise sessions themselves as it is a good way of seeing how you are progressing and can be carried out periodically to compare progress.


Functional Assessment

The idea of the Functional assessment is to gain a better understanding of your fitness, strength and flexibility in all areas.  By discovering your strong and weak points, it enables the more precise prescription and advice on specific practices that will help increase those areas (strength, flexibility and fitness).  Carrying out these simple tests it will enable improvements in functional aspects of your day to day life such as improved co-ordination and balance when walking, the improved ability to be able to carry shopping and heavier items, putting on clothing, shoes and certain things that some people may struggle with like putting on a seat belt or reaching for things on the top shelf.  Improving the quality of your day to day life by finding out the details is the main aim of the functional assessment. 

Here is a more detailed list of physiological changes your body can make through the combination of the services described above.

  •          Improved mobility

  •          Increased socialisation time

  •          Reduced body fat levels     

  •          Improved posture

  •          Increased metabolic rate   

  •          Reduced blood pressure levels

  •          Improved blood lipid profiles – (a more even balance of cholesterol in the blood, a healthy           amount as cholesterol is essential    in the body, in balance though)

  •          Increased energy levels

  •          Enhanced glucose utilisation

  •          Alleviation of lower back pain

  •          Increased bone mineral density

  •          Eased arthritic discomfort (both osteoarthritic and rheumatoid)

  •          Relieved depression

  •          Strengthened immune system

  •          Improved white blood cell circulation (detects cold and flu infection and fights it quicker)

  •          Increased happy hormone

  •          Suppress stress hormones

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